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SHOP THE NORTHSHORE INSIDE!  Here in Slidell, LA., we are easily the only company for hundreds of miles who offer such a wide assortment of home theater interiors. We are not only an electronics dealer or integrator, we are a designer and manufacturer of many items that go in your room such as seating (for custom jobs), box booths, bars/game rooms, woodwork, curtains, decorative appliques, and tons of other stuff. We are more in the theater design field than electronics arena. And our website is filled with lots of fun styles you won't find anywhere in America. We are constantly adding new designs every week, so there's a good chance what you see today will change a month from now. Another thing you'll notice is our unbeatable pricing! We offer great deals on all of our home theaters! We run weekly promotions, sales, and blow-out offers that definitely save you huge dollars! All you have to do is find the right product and take advantage of our offers. We have everything from entry-level to super high-end. It should be no surprise home theaters can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But here at Home Theaters 4 Less, we offer those AND theaters that cost much "LESS". We've built home theaters for every budget level there is, and we know the two things EVERYONE wants... a great product, at a GREAT PRICE! And that's exactly what we offer. All you have to do is contact us to to see what's available. We'll stop by at no charge to you. We'll go over what we can do, tell you if it can be done in your space, and let you know what to expect price-wise. You'll have everything you need to make an educated decision. And we're pretty sure that by us helping you initially, free of charge, in good faith... you'll see the dedication and expertise, and choose us. We've been doing this a VERY long time, and would love to build your home theater for you. Let's do it!  ( home theater Slidell, LA. ).  (504) 301-5217

Under $30K.
$30K - $100K
$100K - $250K
$250K +

Existing media room
Family/living room
Existing bedroom
Garage, loft, basement or other special conversion