Dedicated Home Theater Rooms


History: As one of the pioneers of home theaters, we've designed and fabricated many of the theaters you see online with your everyday searches.  Our work has been featured in magazines, architectural books, editorials, countless blogs, every social media site online, and just about every other outlet you can think of.  Unfortunately... we've even seen our work "featured" on many audio/video company's websites proclaiming it to be their "work".  

Design: Every client has an idea of what they want, but sometimes pin-pointing that exact "look" can be somewhat tough.  Here at Home Theaters 4 Less, we offer design services that go beyond basic line drawings that are customary of draftsmen.  We provide our client's a scaled 3D architectural, photo-realistic rendering that looks like what the actual theater will be once completed.  We take all the guess-factor out of it.  It allows us to find any tweaking that may need to happen before a single piece of material is ordered.  Our client's get to visualize what they are getting before they make the commitment.

Craftsmanship: Each home theater we fabricate is all built by hand by our team.  From sewing the drapes, to building the columns and cabinets, to making and upholstering the acoustical sound treatment panels, to applying Venetian Plaster to walls, to laying flooring, to fiber-optic ceilings, to custom speaker sconces, to illuminated entrance marquees, to trim carpentry... everything is done in-house.  


Whole-House Music & TV

Triad Distributed A/V  

Everyone loves having music and television in the living room.  There are now systems available that allow you to listen to your favorite music in multiple rooms at the same time.  It's called Distributed Audio & Video, and its very popular.

Imagine being able to listen to your favorite Spotify cooking station in the kitchen, your son's rock station outside by the pool as he entertains his friends, jazz in the office as your spouse works, and the Oldies for your mom in the spare bedroom.  The same goes for televisions.  Just choose a channel specific to that room and press a button.  It's as simple as that.

We offer systems that make it easy for your home to have this kind of distributed music and television in each and every room of the house.  From only a few rooms to several rooms, it's only a matter of designing the perfect system for your family.


Control4 Home Automation


You're In Control  Control4 is a product that once programmed professionally, gives you the keys to control and lets you set your favorite settings to things like light dimming moods & scenes, shade levels, etc...  It's a wonderful part of the company that sets them apart from other much more expensive automation manufacturers who don't offer such freedom.  

System Control  Control4 is an extremely reliable home automation system that you can count of in times of fun, and times of despair.  Imagine being asleep at night and a door is opened by an intruder.  Automatically, the lights start flashing outside and inside the house, the doorbell chime starts going off, audio comes on at a high volume, and you are immediately awakened and call 911.  Obviously, the intruder FREAKS OUT and immediately realizes he/she's ran into the wrong house!!!  A lesser example could be... you drive up to the house, it's dark and raining, and you've had a long day at work.  With a press of a button from your phone, the outside lights come on, the garage door opens, the lights inside come on, your favorite tv channel comes on and you're able to come inside and just relax.  This is the system control you can expect from Control4.

House Efficiency  It's hard to ensure every light in the house has been turned off, or that the temperature is set perfectly, or if the garage door is closed without doing a thorough walk-through several times a day.  All of these things waste energy and increase electric bills.  Control4 allows you to automate lighting, thermostats, doors, pools, fountains, electric fireplaces, and many other components that cost money if left on necessarily.  Custom programmed buttons can easily be created that allow you ensure everything is exactly as it should be, with feedback letting you know whether each component of the home is on or off.


Low-Voltage Lighting Control Systems 


Landscape Lighting  Today's homes are decorated with beautiful trees, gorgeous flowers and exotic plants that make it really something to look at during the day.  But much of that beauty is lost once the sun goes down.  Landscape lighting, when applied correctly... can create a different kind of beauty to the same landscape.  We offer low-voltage LED landscape lighting systems that decorate the entire yard, and are also controllable with your Control4 system, smartphone, remote control, etc...

Panel Lighting  Control4 panel lighting is for new construction homes, and replaces your traditional "on/off" switch.  Traditional lighting creates the need for several switches on a wall.  With Control4 panel lighting, a single keypad can have up to 6 buttons, and be programmed to control not only that room's lighting, but can also set moods, control music, volume, and many other things.  It eliminates having multiple switches on your wall, and provides a MUCH cleaner look, with a MUCH broader range of functionality. 

Wifi Lighting  Wifi lighting is for existing homes and clients who want the benefits of controlled lighting, but can't rip out the entire home's wiring to install low-voltage panel lighting modules.  This is performed simply by adding a Control4 system and swapping out your traditional switches with Control4 lighting dimmers.  These dimmers/switches can then be programmed and controlled.  It's an excellent way to add automated lighting to your home.


Security Cameras 


Today's homes are more secure than ever.  Inside and outside may be a few areas where you might consider installing cameras, but what about your front door.  Imagine being at work and the doorbell rings at your home.  All of a sudden, you get a notification on your phone that the FedEx person is at your home.  A video appears and you not only see them, you get to speak directly to them through the doorbell monitor speaker.  You tell them to leave the package at the door and thank them for the delivery... all while viewing their every move.  They leave the package and you watch them as they drive away.  You put your camera down and get back to work.  This is what's possible when you combine today's camera technology with Control4 technology.


Cabinet Painting, Refinishing, & Resurfacing 


We offer professional cabinetry services in spray applications for painting and refinishing kitchen and bath cabinets.  Transform your existing cabinets into beautiful, new looking cabinets with our custom lacquer paint jobs.  Call to find out more.