Referral Fee Program | Home Theaters 4 Less


1. Once a referral is made, what has to happen in order to receive the $500. referral fee?

Answer: When a referral has been made, the person being referred must purchase a qualified home theater. Upon installation completion, and once we have received and processed the final payment, you will receive a referral fee of $500. soon thereafter. "Referral Fee Program" checks are made payable to the person who made the referral.

2. What is considered a "qualified" home theater?

Answer: A qualified home theater is a full home theater interior package that exceeds a total value of $50,000. or more.

3. Will I still get paid if the qualified home theater being purchased is "on sale"?

Answer: Yes. You will still receive the $500. fee.

4. Do I have to be an existing customer to receive the $500. fee?

Answer: No. You will receive the fee for any person (family, friends, associates, etc...) you refer to us who purchases a qualified home theater, assuming you are listed as the referring party.

5. What if more than one person refers the same person?

Answer: Only the first person to make the referral will receive the $500. fee. It is therefore critical to contact us immediately to submit your referral so we can list you as the referring party.

6. Is there a time-limit on referrals?

Answer: Yes. From the day we receive your referral, the referred customer has 30 calendar days to meet with someone from our company for a free in-home consultation. Once the in-home consultation has taken place, the referred customer has 90 additional days to make the purchase. If either of these dates are not met, the referral expires and the referred customer may once again be referred by someone else.

7. If someone I referred does NOT make the required in-home consultation or purchase dates listed above in #6, and my listing becomes expired... can I refer the same person again, be listed again as the referring party?

Answer: Yes. You may refer the same person a maximum of TWO times before you are no longer eligible to refer them again. Required dates mentioned in #6 will start over again as if they were a new referral.

8. What if someone I meant to refer to your company calls you directly before I was able to list them as a referral? Can I still refer them afterwards and receive the $500. fee?

Answer: No. Once a potential customer calls our company directly, they are no longer eligible to be referred by anyone as part of the "Referral Fee Program".

9. Can I market the "Referral Fee Program" commercially?

Answer: Yes. You may solicit referrals any way you wish as long as none of our website content is duplicated in any way. This includes using our product images, logos, verbiage, etc... on your own website, publications, or any other advertisement. Such practices are prohibited. However, you may solicit the program by less intrusive means such as social media, word-of-mouth, etc... Just be sure to list your referrals with us immediately so we can list you as the referring party.

10. What if my referral purchases a qualified home theater, but backs out during the installation process, or becomes unable to pay the total amount due?

Answer: If the referred customer is not able to proceed with the full sale and installation, for ANY REASON, the referral fee will not be paid.