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Home Theater | Mountain Brook, AL.

Home Theaters in Mountain Brook, AL.

BROWSE OUR THEATERS!  In Alabama, sorting through the "home theater" companies who claim to build the interiors can be tough.  That's because most of these companies are audio/video electronics retailers only (especially in Mountain Brook)... NOT wood-workers, upholsterers, finishers, sound-treatment engineers, theater architects, etc...  With the ever so common use of the words "HOME THEATER" these days, it's no wonder why a simple search brings up pages of unrelated companies who don't actually BUILD home theaters!  Instead, they outsource it.  This is where HT4L comes into play.  We are both the designer and fabricator of nearly every thing that goes into your home theater, minus the electronics (although, we do manufacture custom speakers).  We make drapes, columns, sound treatment panels, custom upholstery, carpet, stages, risers, soffits, box-offices, game rooms, and so much more.  When you hire us, you hire the true manufacturer of many products, and the installer of everything... A-Z.  And as an added benefit to you in Mountain Brook, yes... we will do your electronics too.  Because it's a fun, necessary component of every home theater.  You'll notice right away from visiting our site we are totally different than everyone else in design, style, pricing, and just about everything you can imagine.  We are just... different.  Our customers are repeat customers and we've been in business over 20 years.  We are in 5 states, and constantly growing.  If you want a home theater, give us a try.  We've a great company to audition.  (Home Theater Mountain Brook, AL.)

Under $30K.
$30K - $100K
$100K - $250K
$250K +

Existing media room
Family/living room
Existing bedroom
Garage, loft, basement or other special conversion