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Home Theaters in Metairie, LA.

CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING!  Metairie is definitely where all the action's at!  And when it comes to the most beautiful homes in Louisiana, nothing beats Old Metairie.  And when it comes to home theaters, nothing beats Home Theaters 4 Less!  Our designs are top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind interiors you'll only find right here.  We've been in this industry for decades now, setting the standard throughout Louisiana, Florida, and all Southern states for over 20+ years now!  We've developed some of the finest, highly crafted styles in existence.  Products that aren't available anywhere except "HT4L".  That's because we are the fabricator, designer, craftsmen, engineers, wood-workers, artisans, etc... all combined together in one.  We are experts in every single field necessary to build one theater environment.  We are not only and electronics integrator.  That's the easy part, and where you will find 90% of the companies claiming to be "HOME THEATER" companies.  The problem is, they don't build anything.  They sell, install, program, and integrate ELECTRONICS.  That's it.  Nothing else.  And they do it VERY WELL!  And they are to be commended for keeping up with the ever-changing technological advances being made in today's world.  However, a dedicated home theater involves so much more than electronics.  There's architecture, graphic design, interior design, engineering, upholstery, wood-working, finishing, carpentry, carpet, soundproofing, sound absorption, etc...  An entire world of items other than electronics goes into building a dedicated "HOME THEATER".  This is what we do at Home Theaters 4 Less.  If you're in the market, or are consider adding one to your home, give us a call.  We'll come to your home free of charge and show you what's available.  It's free.  There's no gimmicks or expectations, just a desire to earn your business.  If we can share our knowledge with you, we're pretty sure you'll feel comfortable with us and will hire our company for the job.  So give us a call today and lets get started.( home theater Metairie, LA. )

Under $30K.
$30K - $100K
$100K - $250K
$250K +

Existing media room
Family/living room
Existing bedroom
Garage, loft, basement or other special conversion