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Home Theaters in Houston, TX.

WANT TO SHOP NOW?  Talk about a BIG CITY!  With neighborhoods like West University, Greater Memorial, Rice, River Oaks, Rice Military, Downtown, and more... it's no wonder Houston is the place to be!  Houston has something for everyone!  And so do we here at Home Theaters 4 Less, LLC.  With over 20 years in the home theater industry, we have set the standard for design and innovation in all areas ranging from state-of-the-art graphics to specialized electronics that work together to bring multiple facets of your home theater into a combined unit to give you an experience no other company offers.  Our specialized training gives you a more commercialized product that is just a lot more "fun" than what most companies offer.  Add to that the fact that we actually fabricate our home theater interiors, and you now have one company handling your project... not multiple companies trying to figure it out together.  We've been doing this for a long time and have seen it all.  Our designs are second-to-none, and are so specialized that you just don't, and won't, see them online.  That's because we do all the designing in-house.  We spend countless man-hours developing gorgeous home theater interiors that stand out above our competitors.  Products that make our clients super proud and happy they chose us.  We know how important it is to offer products that are different and carry their own personality.  Sure, we still have the same styles you see on all the other websites.  Those designs have been around forever, and are what most companies stick to.  But we like to offer more than that.  We like offering products that make your friends and family freak-out when they come over to visit.  It's just fun when that happens!  Give us a call and lets see what we can do.  ( home theater Houston, TX. ).

Under $30K.
$30K - $100K
$100K - $250K
$250K +

Existing media room
Family/living room
Existing bedroom
Garage, loft, basement or other special conversion