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At Home Theaters 4 Less, LLC ("HT4L"),  we construct fascinating, budget-oriented home theaters that lead our competition in originality and cost, while introducing new areas of leisure and fun for the family.  Our home theater designs are distinctive from most other home theaters you usually find online.  That's because all of our ideas and designs originate right here, in-house!  We assimilate new interior fashions with the newest in electronics technology, in programmed presentations you usually see in theme parks.  We take your home theater and add to it box offices (ticket booths), movie-star "talking silhouettes", (and more)... and program it all together to create a start-to-finish experience you don't find in other home theaters.  We relish putting together "experiences", rather than creating just a pretty room.  Our creations are unique in appearance, and one-of-a-kind in features.  No other home theater company offers such intricate items.   When you purchase a home theater from HT4L, you are purchasing something special... something you can be proud of.  That's our promise to you.  If you live in Covington, La., please give us a call.  We know you have options, and other companies seeking your business.  We just would like to be included in the quote selection so we can show you first-hand what we can do.  Consultations are free, and it cost nothing to look at the options available to you with our company.
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Under $30K.
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Existing media room
Family/living room
Existing bedroom
Garage, loft, basement or other special conversion