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Referral Fee Program Collection of Home Theaters

This collection of home theaters qualifies for the "Referral Fee Program". 

Whichever home theater room is chosen, as long as the purchase price of BOTH the theater room and the electronics package options chosen totals a minimum of $50,000., you will receive the fee. Note: In many situations, it is possible to qualify for the fee in the event EITHER an electronics package OR a home theater room totals $50,000. individually, and is purchased a-la-carte. In both cases, you will qualify for the fee. Should your friend purchase $100,000. or more, you will receive a DOUBLE referral fee, for a total of $1,000. This purchase amount can be achieved in any formation of electronics packages or approved home theaters. For example: the purchase of a $60,000. home theater (before taxes), and another $40,000. electronics purchase (before taxes) would qualify as a DOUBLE referral fee. In addition, should the price-tag exceed even higher, you will receive fees for each additional $50,000. However... the purchase MUST BE MADE AT THE SAME TIME, ON THE SAME ORDER.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Taxes are NOT INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE.  As long as the home theater is listed in this collection, the model doesn't matter, nor does the chosen electronics package option shown on the Electronics Options page.

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